As of the end of Q1 2021, T-Mobile, with 103.4 million subscribers, became the third-largest wireless carrier in the United States.

T-Mobile Wireless Carrier

T-Mobile Wireless Carrier
  • Fast access speed
  • Various plan to suit the needs of many users
  • Practical features
  • Easy registration
  • Multiple innovative technology

T-Mobile - Creative And Inspiring

T-Mobile is always at the forefront of its field

In the United States, wireless data and voice services are the products that T-Mobile US sells. On the one hand, these are products and services that meet the inevitable development needs of society and are well received by most businesses and consumers. On the other hand, with high service quality combined with optimal customer care policy, T-Mobile soon became one of the favorite brands in many major countries, even globally.

T-mobile's stats will surprise you

T-Mobile's annual revenue is over $40 billion. In 2015, T-Mobile was recognized by Consumer Reports as America's number one wireless carrier.
T-Mobile US, Inc. is an American wireless network operator that does business as T-Mobile. German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom is T-Mobile's largest shareholder with a 43% stake. The 24% stake in Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group and the remaining 33% stake in the company is owned by the public in the form of common shares.

T-Mobile Cellphone Plans Provider And Wireless Carrier

Technological innovation

T-Mobile designs tailored and innovative technology products and services to enhance the wireless experience of its customers. The next aim is to get the most out of their network.
T-Mobile offers US supercharged-free service, delivering an advanced 4G LTE network and now a transformative nationwide 5G network. They are committed to providing a reliable connection to all their customers. Everyone deserves to benefit from an unprecedented combination of value and quality. The team at T-Mobile who are relentlessly obsessed with providing customers with the best service experience possible. There is no denying that disruption, innovation in wireless, creating competition, and more... are the goals that T-Mobile is aiming for.

Scam Block & Scam ID

Billions are the number of scams and robocalls Americans receive each year. Scam ID and Scam Block technology completely solve this problem by identifying and helping to stop them before you even receive a call. In addition, since 2014 T-Mobile has adopted anti-spam solutions to protect their customers.

Our supercharged network analyzes every call based on A.I., patented technologies, and machine learning. To stay ahead of scammers, our defenses update every six minutes.

HD Voice

HD Voice gives people extremely good sound quality during talk time. Thanks to the speech codec, improvements in signal processing, and acoustic design, the technology is highly applicable.

Rich Communication Service

According to GSMA Intelligence, nearly 160 million monthly active RCS users. RCS provides advanced messaging services like group chat, gif, file, video and location sharing, etc. without downloading the app. This adds convenience to customers while taking the pressure off their smartphones.

Voice over LTE

Double-bandwidth VoLTE voice service enhances call quality and customer experience by eliminating most background noise and reducing background noise. Most customers commented that calls in noisy conditions caused by external factors turned out better with less background noise.

Enhanced Voice Services

T-Mobile is the first company in the country to deploy EVS - a next-generation voice technology that offers some amazing benefits to users: improved voice call quality in regions with weaker signal, improved call fidelity in terms of audio, video,... and maintain a constant connection with Wi-Fi or T-Mobile LTE.

License Assisted Access

The advantage of LAA is that it allows for larger cellular aggregation than LTE-U. Therefore, a larger amount of unlicensed and licensed spectrum can be combined by mobile operators. Broader bandwidth, faster speeds are what T-Mobile offers customers in the future thanks to LAA. More importantly, T-Mobile is once again the first to adopt this LTE Advanced technology.


This technology will integrate all your numbers on one device. With almost any compatible device, even with a work phone, you can use your phone number.

Cellphone plans offered by T-Mobile

In addition to being at the forefront of advanced telecommunications technologies, T-Mobile also attracts a large number of customers by providing high-quality plans.

Magenta MAX

On January 22, 2021, several sources said that T-Mobile has revealed its latest 5G phone plan: Magenta MAX. According to the information being loaded, customers will receive unlimited premium data 4G and 5G depending on the device they use, Netflix, and unlimited 4K UHD video streaming when subscribing to the Magenta Max plan. T-Mobile offers single-line plans, mobile high-speed hotspot data at 40GB. In particular, customers enjoy unlimited texting, calling and data in Mexico and Canada with up to 5GB of high-speed data. In addition, customers also get a free domain to use other advanced features. Magenta MAX is priced at $40 per line a month at the time of publishing, for three lines with AutoPay (Note: taxes and fees included).


Intending to replace T-Mobile ONE, T-Mobile announced the launch of Magenta. T-Mobile has built on the existing features of the T-Mobile ONE and ONE Plus plans. However, the new service pack includes additional features that are useful to users. During network congestion or peak times, customers using this package are always given priority.


At a significantly lower price than a Magenta or Magenta MAX plan, the T-Mobile Essentials plan is a good choice for customers who need standard unlimited talk, text, and data services. It should be noted that, unlike the Magenta and Magenta MAX packages, the Essentials package does not include taxes and fees.

First Responder

These plans offer 50% off the standard pricing Magenta and Magenta Plus plans, only to eligible service members for the discount. According to the policy information, customers wishing to use the First Responder package are required to verify their link within 45 days from the date of activation to enjoy the discount offer.

The Unlimited 55+

Customers who are aged or over 55 years old in the policy are entitled to receive the discounted price set on the standard price packages according to the conditions that the Unlimited 55+ package offers. Also according to the terms, each account registered for this package is limited to only 2 lines. However, during specific promotional periods, certain customers may be allowed to add a third line.

T-Mobile Third-Largest Wireless Carrier In The United States

Inspirational Marketing

Without spending all their budgets on lengthy advertisements, rampant content on the web, spam messages that annoy customers, etc., they still have a reputable presence in the telecommunications market and network services.

Advertise but do not disturb

Instead of paying expensive media costs to appear in high-traffic locations, in newspapers with a large audience, or applying expensive traditional marketing methods, T-Mobile spends a portion of its budget for sponsorship. The brand will appear at contests, festivals, meetings, major tournaments, ... where the participants are their potential customers and receive the message from the brand voluntarily and positively. That's how T-Mobile came to the media.
Specifically, Deutsche Telekom - T-Mobile's parent company has sponsored football kits for Bayern Munich club - a strong and famous German football team since 2002. Therefore, effective communication This campaign is not small. T-Mobile was also the official sponsor of the English football championship on the West Bromwich Albion side. Before that, T-Mobile was one of the sponsors of Scottish Premier League clubs Rangers and Celtic as well as Rotherham United.
With the One2One brand, T-Mobile co-sponsored Everton. They also created a big buzz for their brand by sponsoring the 2002 FA Youth Cup Final. In addition, the English club Birmingham City also received a kit sponsorship from T-Mobile. This prestigious phone company also sponsors tournaments that attract a lot of attention from football lovers and public opinion such as the Austrian Football League. In particular, this global mobile phone provider used to be one of the official sponsors for the 2006 FIFA World Cup football tournament in Germany. In addition to sponsoring prestigious sports organizations, they also organized their cycling team - Team T-Mobile and later renamed Team HTC-High Road.
While not having a presence in Mexico, Liga MX, T-Mobile also has banner ads at some matches of that country's top league soccer league. Some people think this is silly. However, T-Mobile's coverage and brand recognition change dramatically after events like these. Since 2016, T-Mobile has begun to set aside a grant to sponsor the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. We highly appreciate the vision and wise marketing strategy of this telecommunications group.

Sustainable future

T-Mobile is taking action to create a more sustainable future. As the first company in the US wireless industry, T-Mobile is characterized by models of electronic component manufacturing - one of the industries that are assessed as having the most negative impact on the environment. However, T-Mobile sets science-based carbon emissions targets with the ambition of achieving its 100% renewable energy target. In addition, they initiate immediate waste reduction and responsibly manage the lifecycle of their products. This boiling battle not only attracted the support of a large number of public opinion but also raised society's awareness about environmental protection - one of the hottest issues today. I hope that the information mentioned in the article will give you a comprehensive view of the vision, mission as well as strong development of T-Mobile - one of the most influential telecommunications groups in the world.