Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM - A reliable pressure washer for every household when dealing with dirt

Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer
  • Steel-reinforced, high-pressure hose
  • Durable stainless steel lance with solid brass fittings
  • Foam cannon included
  • Lightweight + portable

Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer - Your Best Ally In The Battle Against Dirt And Mold

Have you ever felt frustrated when spending hours scrubbing away an oil stain that seems to be stuck on your kitchen surface for seemingly forever? Have you felt the urge to throw your car away just because you cannot remove the dust spreading all over the windshield? Well, dirt and dust are the two things that never fail to bring the worst out of us, but defeating them is never an easy task.

However, this challenging task will no longer worry you once you are equipped with a pressure washer. There have been many pressure washers emerging in the electronic market these days, but Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer remains one of the unique products. Sun Joe labels itself as a consumer-centered company that strives to develop residential, high-quality, yet affordable products. Its constant attempt to improve itself has propelled the whole company into an exceptional name among countless rivals. And with the Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Pressure Washer, Sun Joe has cemented the brand reputation as one of the most reliable distributors with qualified products. Keep scrolling to find out what is so remarkable about this pressure washer.

Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer


A powerful engine

Grime can be very stubborn when it wants to, and most of the time, it can frustrate even the calmest person. To get the upper hand over this nasty enemy, you need a company with great force and power, and the Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Pressure Washer fits that description perfectly. Characterized by gas-like and electric power, the Sun Joe XTREAM can satisfy those who want the best engine. Its 13-amp motor can produce a water jet whose pressure equals up to 2200 pounds per square inch (PSI). Such pressure can easily break down and rub off oil stains, mud, mildew, rust, mold, and other types of debris.

Fully-equipped design

Two indispensable parts of a pressure washer are a hose and a nozzle, and these two parts of the Sun Joe XTREAM Pressure Washer are both well made. The washer features a 20-foot steel and high-pressure hose laced with a stainless lance and brass fittings, all of them are of the same quality construction as gas-based pressure washers. The Sun Joe pressure washer is also equipped with a 35ft cord that allows for much flexibility. You can move around freely with such a long cord and hose. About the nozzles, the Sun Joe Pressure Washer has 4 onboard Quick-Connect nozzles, which you can easily and quickly adjust to fit the position at which you stand.

Automatic mode

What makes the Sun Joe XTREAM Pressure Washer special is that it will automatically switch to the OFF mode when not in use. This feature helps you save energy and prolong the machine’s endurance. Also, such an automatic mode prevents the pressure washer from making any sound when not working, which also sets it apart from the loud gas-powered pressure washer.

Long warranty

Even though this pressure washer is a great and durable helper in washing away dust, there are still cases where it can go wrong because of unexpected situations. If the machine malfunctions even though you have followed every instruction in the Sun Joe 2200 pressure washer manual, you can go to the store and ask for a fix within the first three years since you bought the washer. Three years is a long time, and you can feel safe knowing that everything related to fixing and repairing will be on the house.

Included Accessories

It’s good to know that the Sun Joe XTREAM Pressure Washer accessories are full of helpful devices such as foam cannon, wheel brush, soft bristle brush. For example, the soft-bristle brush will assist you in washing the tough stains. Or, when you want to apply detergent to boost your cleaning performance, the foam cannon will do all the homework: you can click to connect the included foam cannon.

Is the Sun Joe SPX3000®-XT1 XTREAM Clean Electric Pressure Washer worth considering?

After several performances and endurance tests, we can firmly assure that this may be one of the best pressure washers in the market. With easy instructions, great versatility, and well-rounded features, the Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Pressure Washer is totally deserving of your consideration.