Simple Mobile is one of the most popular electronics and telecommunications service providers recently

Simple Mobile Service Provider

Simple Mobile Service Provider
  • No-contract data plans
  • Discount for choosing auto-renewal
  • Affordable single line plans
  • Keep your phone and number in most cases
  • Prepaid-only payment system

How does Simple Mobile reach users?

Simple Mobile's story

Simple Mobile's Mission

Giving customers the most convenient and simple online shopping experience possible is Simple Mobile's mission. They accept all major credit cards. In addition, products that reach consumers are committed to shipping in sustainable and easy-to-open packaging. Nowadays, environmental protection is an essential issue that everyone thinks about. So, SimpleMobile always strives to create the best, while protecting the green earth.

Corporate Responsibility

Simple Mobile offers a healthy life in every respect. Simple Mobile prides itself on its responsibility towards shoppers. That pride comes from the "safer communities" initiative to the environmental sustainability project. The company develops sustainably based on the values they bring to customers: diversity, community, health, and safety of users.

6 things to know before choosing Simple Mobile

SIMPLE Mobile Prepaid Plans

Each SIMPLE Mobile Plan is valid for thirty days. Data will transfer at 2G speed after the user reaches the specified high-speed data limit, except for unlimited data plans. This means you will still be able to stay connected without interruption like using other plans but at a slower speed. Data speeds will remain at 4G with unlimited data plans.
All SIMPLE Mobile plans include unlimited international texting. Unlimited international calls to specific countries like India, Mexico, Canada, and China are offered in each plan. For other countries that are not covered by the carrier's policy, you can purchase an additional Global Calling plan for a relatively cheap price, only $10.
Prices for plans may vary by provider policy and time. You should verify again before buying to ensure your rights.
SIMPLE Mobile offers a variety of plans with costs ranging from $25 to $60. Regardless of the price, all unlimited plans include unlimited calling to landlines. This feature is available in 64 countries. The United States and Mexico are where these service plans are available. Depending on the plan purchased, the amount of data you can access varies.
Here are the details and features for your reference:
Sign up for the $25 plan, and you get 3GB of data at 4G LTE speeds. After running out of 1GB, the provider will reduce the bandwidth to 2G. You'll get 5GB access at 4G LTE with a $30 per month plan. The $40 plan lets you use 15GB in 4G LTE. Finally, the $50 and $60 plans offer all data at 4G LTE speeds and unlimited data usage.
All the five plans I mentioned above have cellular coverage. The $60 plan offers 15GB of mobile hotspot, 10GB more than the $50 plan. These Truly Unlimited plans will play video or watch live TV in 480p quality - according to the information on the official website of the provider at the time of publishing.
By using SIMPLE Mobile's Auto ReUp service, you can save even more on the above packages. The service will operate without interruption due to any interruptions to ensure maximum performance during use. This feature will automatically renew the membership every 30 days.

Network Coverage

Some users say that when they use Simple Mobile in Atlanta and Georgia, they experience very few connectivity problems. This shows wide coverage and very stable transmission quality.
You can also view a coverage map showing 5G and 4G LTE data on Simple Mobile's website to see if your location provides good data.

Activation Process

To complete the tests, we had to buy the SIM card online because Simple Mobile doesn't have any retail stores. The product was delivered to our door and in less than a week we received it. If you plan to use your own phone, please note that it is required to be an unlocked GSM phone.
Is switching to Simple Mobile really as simple as the instructions on the website? Here's what we did.
First, we inserted a mobile SIM card into the phone. Then, from the computer, we access the website, select the item activation. On the SIM card, you can easily find the activation code to fill in the blanks when required by the provider. Then in order to transfer the old number to Simple Mobile, we performed operations to configure the data settings.
Unfortunately, we had a bit of trouble activating Simple Mobile. So we contacted customer service via the hotline to ask for help transferring our phone number. Finally, after a few steps, we are done with the setup.
Take advantage of the support if you are not familiar with this technology or product!

Phone Selection

If you want to check if your phone works on their network, they let you bring it to Simple Mobile. The vendor also lists suitable devices on their official website.

Call and Text Performance

Through testing with hundreds of calls with different durations and locations, we found that the call performance that Simple Mobile provided was on par with other phones we've tested. We also never faced unexpected interruptions during our trial of Simple Mobile.
However, there are times when after entering a phone number the call says: “failed”. What needs paying attention to is that the notification arrives before I bring the phone up to my ear. So it is fair to say that it is not a dropped call because the call is not actually connected to be dropped.
We ran into a lot of issues during our testing of messaging. Sometimes the text won't be sent even if I pressed "send". If I pay attention, I can recognize and manipulate again. However, it would be troublesome if you looked at the screen for an hour and waited for an answer, only to realize that the message sent was not successful. Hope the vendor will improve this in the next upgrade.

Customer Service

In addition to completing the registration, you can contact customer service at any time for technical reasons, renewals, or questions. At the same time, Simple Mobile's website also has information available that may be useful to you. Viiejc looking up the remaining service days is also very easy with your account or even phone number.
If you feel that the above article gives you the necessary information, please support us. You can also refer to many other suppliers on this website.