GoDaddy owns a customer file of 20 million people worldwide and more than 82 million domains.

GoDaddy Website Hosting

GoDaddy Website Hosting
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GoDaddy And Its Core Values

GoDaddy - One Of The World's Most Famous Domain Company

If you have been using website related services on the Internet for a while, you probably already know GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the most famous business in their field - domain name registration. But now, they want to provide more diverse services to meet the needs of customers. So the founders and staff teamed up with the experts to develop the web hosting service.

Operating the largest cloud computing platform in the world, GoDaddy is one of the few web hosting providers for small, independent businesses. This confirms the prestige of GoDaddy - the son of businessman Bob Parsons. GoDaddy is a place where customers can come to, express their ideas and build their own professional website. Then with the number of customers attracted you will begin to manage your business and make a profit.

GoDaddy Web Hosting Service

The great things that GoDaddy will bring to you

Professional email

A professional email address that matches your domain not only helps you win the trust of your customers, but it also protects your business' important data. It also shows customers your seriousness in business as well as stable operating procedures. In addition, this homogenization prevents outgoing emails from falling into the spam folder. You're always fully organized and managed with your calendar, to-do list, storage, or built-in apps.

Business email addresses that match the domain name are also an extremely effective and inexpensive marketing method. Many studies have shown that customers have a special impression on people who use email on behalf of the company rather than personal email. They feel more trustworthy and willing to spend time maintaining the conversation.

SSL Security

With an SSL, your site shows the world that it can be safely accessed by readers and that it's legitimate. An SSL certificate creates a protective barrier so customers can shop with confidence and share their personal information in the checkout section (like credit card data and address) on your site. On popular browsers, non-certified pages will display a “Not Secure” warning, and users will immediately leave after seeing that warning.

Godaddy provides SSL certificates not only for the purpose of security of data, internal information and client's information, but also to help the website increase customer accessibility. In addition, this web hosting provider also wants to enhance brand prestige as well as build trust for each website using their services.

Fast, secure and always online hosting

With industry-leading load times, GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime. Your site will always be in top condition with dedicated support experts and the best customer support policy.

Domain name

Domain name plays an extremely important role when you or your business joins the Internet. If you decide to use it for a long time, consider carefully. Customers can communicate and transact on your website through the domain name. Your partner can exchange emails with you also over the domain name. So, it can be said, owning a domain name .net is a strong plus point for your business and project. Improve your ability to connect with customers because your business's Internet-related information system is highly dependent on domain names. This is a service that not all hosting providers can afford to offer to customers.

Comparison with competitors in the market

GoDaddy operates with over 20 years of experience providing web services. Therefore, it is certain that users will expect the services provided by GoDaddy to be of high quality. We ran a test website on GoDaddy – twice – for several months to find out if that was true. Also compare with the operating process and provider experience brought by all the big names in the web hosting field. Fast, optimal and efficient is our description after testing the services that GoDaddy provides.

We recommend using GoDaddy because of the unexpected benefits it brings. Hopefully the article has provided those in need of web hosting services with more information to choose a suitable provider for your website.