Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro is one of the best-known mattresses in the overseas market for its high quality, eye-catching design, and innovative technologies.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro
  • High quality mattress
  • High-end design
  • Modern technology

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro – Your Best Sleep Aid

Dr. Mehmet Oz is the founder of this amazing mattress. He works as a father of four, a surgeon, and a talk show host so that he exactly knows about sleepless nights. He’s always believed that better sleep is synonymous with better results in every aspect of life. So he rolled up his sleeves into the factory to help design a product series to take human sleep from suboptimal to an incredible level. Most people think that the firmer the mattress, the better it is. However, if you wake up with back pain and neck pain every time you wake up, then you won't need the firmness, what you need is support. This luxury mattress can do it well.
The Good Life™ Mattress brings the harmonious balance of contouring support to your bed - plus cooling infusions, and antibacterial silver. And no matter your sleep position: side, back, or stomach, it always brings the best sleeping experience. This product is the bend of age-old remedies like antibacterial silver and activated charcoal with incredible technological advancements like convenient mobile apps and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro With Supportive Technology

Salient points of Dr. Oz Good Life™ Hybrid Mattress Pro

CoolRelax™ gel

It’s crucial to stay cool and comfortable during the night's sleep. The CoolRelax™ gel infusion takes heat away from the body and releases it through the precision-ventilated grid. And the coils will be promoted and enhance airflow for a cool, breathable sleep space.

Supporting and Aligning the Spine

Cleverly layered foams are created to provide a supportive experience. You’ll feel the small contour of memory foam, and afterward, the fast-response foam will push back to support the curves of your body. They are the perfect combination supporting your comfort and convenience. You will have a chance to experience the revolutionary support with seven zones of individually encased steel coils invented to align the spine and relieve soreness. By analyzing the body’s contact points like hips, shoulders, and knees, we designed corresponding zones providing customized support.

Cleaner Sleep with Silver

The SilverScience™ treatment integrated silver ions in the covers that have been shown to destroy 99 percent of 650 different types of bacteria. This antibacterial mattress is completely safe and keeps your bedding fresh and clean.

Tacking allergies

Do you have any sneezing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, rash, or asthma during bedtime? The vast majority of people didn’t know that microscopic dust mites are the most common allergy trigger at bedtime. By applying activated charcoal in the memory foam to inhibit dust mites, we transform your bed into a space where dust mites can’t survive so you can find true allergy relief.

Impeccable quality

It is so comfortable, perfectly firm, and stays extremely cool. We have experienced and would highly recommend this Dr. Oz GoodLife Mattress to anyone that the hybrid materials seem to help keep you cool. After sleeping on it, we felt rejuvenated and didn't want to get out of bed in the morning! A Good Life™ Sleep mattress is more than a normal item, it is a serene, relaxing space where deeper sleep can finally find you.
This branch provides you with a premium warranty of up to 10 years. Each good life product is constructed with high-quality materials designed to give you peace of mind. The price of this product is $899.00 at the publishing date.